Steady Chaos II

Steady Chaos, a phrase that to many would seem a bit of a conundrum, because wouldn't those two words be considered opposites? Perhaps to most people. However at Le Fix, a controlled sense of chaos is at the core of what our brand is built on. 

This collection is for the quirky characters and misfits, dabbling around in their obsessions of choice, whether it being art, tattoos, music or sports. Le Fix is more than just a clothing brand, we are a cultural union of all of the above, here to dress you up and have a good time. 

As a new element the Le Fix logo is made as a gum patch that will be featured on most of the items within the collection. The gum patch has a black base with black fonting and our iconic red lightning.

The 'Weekend' Collection

Within the second drop of the Steady Chaos Collection is a smaller collection of products going by the name ‘Weekend’. Inspired by the weekend's escapades, these products are made from a durable material consisting of 60% cotton/40% nylon.

Knitwear made in Italy

The collection features two knits made from 100% WL Lana Organica Extrane – an extra fine Merino wool from Italy. The Merino wool secures a high level of comfort and the best quality of feel.The knits are made in two colors: an army green and a grey both featuring the new Le Fix gum patch on the chest.

The tracksuit

The tracksuit consists of two items – the Track Top and the Track Pants. The set has a slim fit and is made from 100% PES which is the classic tracksuit fabric that we all know and love. The light grey panels on the Track Top are made from a material made by Kvadrat Textiles that we have bought as a deadstock fabric. As a new detail feature the Track Top has a small Kaj zip puller made specifically for this set. The Le Fix gum patch is located on the Track Top chest and the Track Pants ankle.

The brothers

Bertram, Oskar & Robert. The brothers from other mothers that are the brains and baking talents behind the succesful bakery Brødre Bageri on the famous Danish island Bornholm. The brothers are not only business partners but they're also extremely close bonded. They help and encourage each other to fulfil their dreams and passions.

They fit perfectly as front figures at the Steady Chaos II collection as they are a chaotic merged family with a lot of siblings that despite being different support each other and provides a steady calmness to each of their lives.