Le Fix was founded in Copenhagen in 1999 by Benny Kusk, Rasmus Jacobsen and Jesper Holm out of love for art, tattoo and clothing. Le Fix is an international lifestyle brand, globally renowned, from Japan to the US, but with strong roots in the Danish underground.

The brand's history spans from design to art, street culture, tattoos, graffiti, music and clothing. Le Fix is a collective of artists and designers and is build upon a space with creative freedom, allowing everybody to unfold their individual and mutual potential.

Le Fix has been around the globe, collaborating with Disney, making record covers, winning international film awards, putting on graffiti exhibitions and having a kick-about with FCK, which only emphasizes the unique and multifaceted universe we have created.

In Le Fix’ downtown Copenhagen shop, streetwear, high fashion and sportswear coexist and complement each other, creating an easy balance that speaks to many. Le Fix has translated the open-minded attitude of the creative scene into a free space where everyone is welcome and will be treated as equals. A place where you will be inspired by the surroundings and people alike. 

Today Le Fix is owned by Benny Kusk and Valdemar Kludt and is an established name in the culture, art and fashion scene, but has managed, as one of the few, to maintain the respect of the underground. We master several creative disciplines, balancing the fine line between art and fashion, and run a commercial business on something as rare as integrity.

As a part of the journey towards being more sustainable, Le Fix is launching a small collection every month with just a few different styles made in low quantities and from either organic or deadstock materials. This strategy keeps the stock low and keeps us from over-producing styles. Several of the items from each collection are made from deadstock materials from the Danish textile manufacturer, Kvadrat Textiles, with whom we have a close and beneficial relationship with. 


Kaj represents the difference in all human kinds and he paved the way for what we call Le Fix today. The first Kaj dolls were hand sewn in different fabrics and received massive success in Japan, being resold for hugely inflated prices.

Kaj shows us all that we consist of different extreme moods and behaviors and he can be everything he wants from “a cheesy romantic lover” to a “psychopathic anger exploder”. Kaj is the house mascot of Le Fix and he is constantly moving forward in critical situations with the ability of changing skins and forms as well as character.