Le Fix was founded in Copenhagen in 1999 by Benny Kusk, Rasmus Jacobsen and Jesper Holm out of love for art, tattoo and clothing. Le Fix is an international lifestyle brand, globally renowned, from Japan to the US, but with strong roots in the Danish underground. The brand's history spans from design to art, street culture, tattoos, graffiti, music and clothing. Le Fix is a collective of artists and designers and is build upon a space with creative freedom, allowing everybody to unfold their individual and mutual potential.
Le Fix has been around the globe, collaborating with Disney, making record covers, winning international film awards, putting on graffiti exhibitions and having a kick-about with FCK, which only emphasizes the unique and multifaceted universe they have created.

Today, Le Fix is an established name on the culture, art and fashion scene, but has managed, as one of the few, to maintain the respect of the underground. They master several creative disciplines, balancing the fine line between art and fashion, and run a commercial business on something as rare as integrity.

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