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Since its foundation in 1971, C.P. Company has been one of the most pioneering brands in sportswear history. From the very beginning, a pillar of the brand's history has been Garment Dyeing: an alchemical technique that consists in colouring a garment – usually made from white or raw un-coloured fabric – only in a final manufacturing step, subsequent to being fully-fashioned. It is not a secret that one of the first members of Massimo Osti's team was a chemist. Throughout the years, Osti worked not only on fabrics, but also on new shapes and types of outerwear.

Inspired by nature and how men relate with it in its environment, C.P. Company created the two masterpieces of its story: the Explorer and the Goggle Jacket. The Nineties were the years dedicated to a more urban focus, which found its peak in the Metropolis jacket. At the End of the 20th Century, and with the uncertainty of the new Millenium, the desire of C.P. Company to create innovative, practical clothes for the urban resident, led to the development of the cult jacket Metropolis, which became part of the line of Urban Protection. The main aim was to create a whole line of items, which could be transformed in protection if necessary.

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