Universal Works


    Universal Works is a British clothing brand founded by David Keyte in 2008 in Nottingham, England. The brand is known for its philosophy of creating timeless and versatile clothing styles that combine British workwear traditions with modern design aesthetics.

    Universal Works focuses on providing comfortable and functional garments that are suitable for everyday life while maintaining a certain elegance.

    The brand produces a wide range of clothing, including jackets, shirts, trousers, knitwear and accessories. Their collections are often characterized by simple lines, high quality and materials carefully selected to achieve the best comfort and durability.

    Universal Works also values ​​sustainability and ethical production and works to minimize its environmental impact through the choice of materials and production processes.

    The brand appeals to those looking for clothing that is classic, functional and stylish, while also fitting in with modern lifestyles and fashion. Universal Works continues to be a trusted source of timeless British design.