Edwin is a Japanese denim brand that has gained international recognition and respect for its expertise in denim production. The brand was founded in 1947 by Mr. Tsunemi, a passionate jeans enthusiast who had a vision to create the perfect denim jeans. Since then, Edwin has continued to deliver high quality and innovative designs within the denim world.

    Edwin is particularly known for his dedication to finding the best denim materials and using advanced production methods. They strive to create jeans that combine comfort, durability and style. Edwin jeans are often known for their signature slim fit and timeless aesthetic, making them a favorite among denim enthusiasts.

    The brand has also played an important role in introducing Japanese denim to the world and has helped to increase the recognition of Japanese craftsmanship and quality within the denim industry.

    Edwin is not just a jeans brand; they also offer a wide range of clothing that reflects their minimalist Japanese design philosophy. With their commitment to quality and innovation, Edwin continues to be a leading player in denim fashion and a trusted source for classic denim products.