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    Teva is a well-known American brand in outdoor footwear and sandals. The brand was founded in 1984 in the Grand Canyon by a man named Mark Thatcher, who created the first sports sandal with Velcro straps to improve stability and comfort when hiking in streams. This was the starting point for Teva's iconic design.

    Teva sandals have become synonymous with adventure and outdoor activities. Known for their durability, comfort and versatility, they have been favorites among hikers, rafting enthusiasts and anyone looking for comfortable footwear for activities in and around water.

    The brand has also expanded its line to include other types of outdoor footwear, including hiking boots and sneakers that still combine quality and functionality.

    Teva has a strong presence in outdoor culture and is known for its role in encouraging people to explore nature and enjoy outdoor experiences. Their motto "Strap In and Go" reflects the brand's ethos of creating reliable footwear for adventurous souls.