Art and books


    Dive into a world of creativity and insight with our collection of art and books, created with passion by our designer and co-owner, Benny, from Le Fix. Our selection offers a unique mix of artistic works and literary treasures that will inspire and enrich your everyday life.

    From original artwork to art books that explore different artistic movements and styles, we have something for every art lover. Benny's unique vision and aesthetic shine through in every piece, and our collection reflects his commitment to creating art that speaks to the soul and sparks the imagination.

    In addition to our artistic works, our selection of books also offers in-depth insight into art, design and creativity. From practical guides to creative exercises to in-depth analyzes of art history and theory, our books are an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to explore and understand the creative process.

    Whether you're an experienced artist or just a curious soul looking for inspiration, our collection of art and books will open doors to new worlds of creativity and insight. Explore our selection today and be inspired to explore your own creative journey.