Ralph Lauren

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    No brand is more iconic for America and the polo sport like Ralph Lauren, originally known as Polo Ralph Lauren. With the goal of selling the American dream, Ralph Lauren was the incarnation of the universal aspiration itself.

    For the young entrepreneur, Polo symbolized a special connection to people, horses, fashion and most importantly, status. He gathered the four columns for a smart clothing brand that would bring polo style and comfort to everyday life at a high level.

    When it comes to American men's fashion, Ralph Lauren paved the way for designers to come. Ralph Lauren is a brand that represents preppy luxury and one return to the collegiate years universally. Ralph Lauren Poloshirts became so popular that the brand had to drop "Polo" from its name. It then distinguished itself not only as a polo shirt manufacturing company, but a proper fashion house.

    The brand continues to carry the Polo Ralph Lauren capsules. His name is synonymous with timeless design, impeccable quality and the greatest attention to details.