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    Lacoste and Minecraft have come together to build a collection of clothing and accessories with the goal of celebrating vibrant individuality, creativity and togetherness.

    A playful collaboration that explores how our differences and varied perspectives truly make us all stronger players in the game of life. Lacoste and Minecraft share common social values and both seek to build bridges between communities, cultures and individuals to craft a better tomorrow.

    There are as many fashion styles as styles to play. The understated who play it safe, or the exuberant socialisers, who never walk alone. Achievers come here for the win, while risk-takers have nothing to lose. While losing ourself into the game, we discover what truly defines us. All teams and levels are welcome in the Lacoste x Minecraft playground. Exploring open worlds – together we rise.

    When it comes to claiming who we are: It all begins with play. In the collab collection you will find hoodies, t-shirts, polos and accessories with fun and quirky Lacoste graphics made in Minecraft's pixelated universe.