HUF X Pleasures

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    The collaboration between HUF and Pleasures is gathered around '90s nostalgia, do-it-yourself vibes and HUFS and days. With a photo shoot that pays tribute to classic streetwear and 90s skate commercials, the collection offers cliff-and-sewing items inspired by vintage finds and 90s-inspired graphics.

    The two streetwear brands have a common design philosophy and style and fit well together in an iconic collaboration. HUF is one of the most respected and groundbreaking skate and lifestyle brands worldwide based in LA, California. The brand is known for its pure aesthetics, provocative design and quality crafts. Pleasures is a newer Streetwear brand known for its punk, metal and grunge bacitations, as well as its designs that give rise to controversy. Their mantra is: 'Create Clothing Based on Feelings Through Past Experiences, From Your Most Satisfying Memory, To The Worst Feeling of Your Life'.