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    Baracuta and especially the G9 Harrington jacket drove the British brand of fame. Baracuta was founded in Manchester in 1937 by the John and Isaac Miller brothers.

    Baracuta initially started as a company that produced rainwear due to the rainy weather in Manchester. But the brothers ventured into producing more modern jackets and therefore produced the very popular G9 Harrington Baracuta jackets, which would later become the symbol of the brand.

    The Elegance and Class of the Baracuta jacket were embraced by none other than Elvis Presley, who carried it with its usual captivating style. Iconic characters such as Frank Sinatra, Steve McQueen and Queen repeated the love of the G9 Harrington Baracuta jackets. Le Fix is ​​very proud to offer Baracuta jackets as part of our selection because of the jackets' unique ability to integrate class, elegance, history and contemporary fashion.