Hans Christian Andersen Project-Designed by Le Fix

    The first chapter of a collection based on the HC Andersen's visual work, his personal photo albums, travel books and sketches.

    After launching the collection only in Dover Street Market London, Singapore and Tokyo, we are proud to be able to share the project where it all started.

    We have created a small, very exclusive collection, inspired by the above image material, which we believe to give a new insight into the history of the HC Andersons, throwing light on the side of his person, who is not so widely known. HC Andersen is known first and foremost as a storyteller in the event of a school of children's literature. But beneath the surface, a universe is revealed by an incredible depth, which speaks of the common human-for joy, sorrow, sense of humor and tragedy. It's a world we think we know, but as a surprise, moving on closer inspection.

    The clothes are finished in Denmark and are printed, embroidered and applied locally, so that we can participate in the analogue processes that give a personal artistic expression and make each product unique.

    We have received access to HC Andersen's original visual work in the archives of HC Andersen's house in Odense, his private picture books, travel journals, sketches and collages, which have formed the basis for the collection.