Clarks x c.p. Company.

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    The most hyped collab of the year! The giants Clarks Originals and C.P. Company has teamed up around a completely unique collection consisting of long and short jacket in two different colors, two travel bags and two original pairs of Clarks Desert Trek shoes.


    From the desire to combines contemporary outdoor performance with natural materials, the partnership between Clarks Originals and C.P. Company explores a language that mixes the urban with the outdoors with the desert trader as our symbolic hero and inspiration.

    Each item is equally inspired by the design language of Clark's cult Desert Trek boot and C.P. Company's historical ability to manufacture clothing textures of cultural depth. Manufactured from a combination of polyurethane-coated linen and rubber inserts it is an exploration of movement between city and countryside, man-made and natural, protective and porous. That is to say: the movement of the Desert Trader.

    To give the products the opportunity to tell their unique story and enable a personal experience, all the products are equipped with NFC tags. This technology predicts single-chip dual-frequency NFC tags stacked under the iconic C.P. Company lens, and with a single tap on the mobile it will be possible to unlock features such as exclusive video and photo content.