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Fred Perry Shirts, Polos and Sweatshirts are classical items that Le Fix are must have due to our passion for the fusion of class, elegance, history and casual street wear. The most famous garment is the tipped pique shirt. The brand was founded by the three time Wimbledon winner Fred Perry. The first item was a sweatband. Due to its succes they decided to venture into the clothing market and decided to launch their clothing item. The white Fred Perry t shirt became a huge success and laid the foundation for many decades Fred Perry clothing production. Today Fred Perry prides itself on being the first British heritage brand to successfully blend sportswear with streetwear to create some of the most iconic styles of the last century. The tipped pique shirt is to thank for that. The clothing appeals to all segments from society and is worn widely across the society. The common denominator for Fred Perry lovers is the passion for both elegance and street wear. Check below to get your Fred Perry Shirts.

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