A Le Fix short film made by Eladji.

While trends in fashion change faster than the weather, one thing remains, young adults, their friendships, lifestyles and the atmosphere of the places they frequent during the day - or night, serves as a constant inspiration to the industry. And even in a time where everything is flipped upside down, friendships don’t change.
Le Fix is embedded in the culture surrounding the free-spirited way of life of young people in the city. Drawing inspiration from design, art, street culture, tattoos, graffiti, music and clothing, Le Fix has built a multifaceted brand that embodies individuality and the fluidity of creativity.
Exploring the different environments, communities and subcultures, that Copenhagen is known for, the film follows three different friend groups during the course of a single night. Set during the late hours, we follow the young adults and three different ways of celebratory escapism, that is a night out.
Created and directed by the production company Eladji, the up-tempo campaign film invites us to take a peak into the social lives of the Copenhagen youth. The film encapsulates positive escapism, giving a feeling of a breathing room from the hectic and fast paced life in the city. Celebrating life, friendships and being together in the now.