The first part of the Steady Chaos Collection.

"Steady Chaos"

Steady Chaos, a phrase that to many would seem a bit of a conundrum, because wouldn't those two words be considered opposites? Perhaps to most people. However at Le Fix, a controlled sense of chaos is at the core of what our brand is built on. 

Quirky characters and misfits, dabbling around in their obsessions of choice, whether it being art, tattoos, music or sports.

Le Fix is more than just a clothing brand, we are a cultural union of all of the above, here to dress you up and have a good time. 

In collaboration with Kvadrat Textiles

A huge part of the items in this collection is made out of deadstock materials from the Danish textile manufacturer Kvadrat Textiles. It means that the fabric Kvadrat made but had too much of or didn't use was given new life in form of Le Fix clothes.

The Sirocco sets are made from a durable woolmix with a nylon lining to prevent itching from the wool. The Steady Chaos Punk Stripe shirt is made from 100% deadstock cotton and features a grafitti inspired Kaj graphic across the chest and unique Le Fix buttons.

Tobias Bisse

Tobias is a professional skateboarder on his way to the top. Throughout the years we have been supporting and sponsoring him the best way we can because we stand for people with passion. Tobias' passion is skateboarding and this collection is an ode to the fiery souls that can't stand not to follow their dreams – no matter what kind it is.